PRIDE and NTK Training 2022 with AESIS​

3 & 4 May 2022 – Training with AESIS at the National Library of Technology in Prague (on-site!)

Societal impact of science: from assessment to advancement

Just before the 4th Annual PRIDE Conference 2022, PRIDE Network hosted a training session in Prague, Czech Republic together with the National Library of Technology (NTK). The training on May 3rd and 4th, 2022 was held by AESIS the expert organisation on impact integration, evaluation and training. 

The training adressed Impact in the context of the work of professionals in doctoral education – top down and bottom up.

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Program for the training workshop on Societal Impact of Science

Host and venue

The National Library of Technology (NTK), housed in a modern, ecological building situated in the heart of the engineering and technology Campus Dejvice in Prague, provides an ideal environment for co-organizing this year’s PRIDE Network Training. The event is held under the new NTK’s 7years project 2021-2027 “National centre for information support of research, development and innovation” focusing on quality and efficiency of the R&D&I. The main aim is to cultivate the research environment, especially professionals in doctoral education in accordance with European and global trends to increase the impact of doctoral education.

“To have a bigger impact in research and innovation, both inside and outside of academia, universities, doctoral schools and professionals in doctoral education need to provide doctoral candidates with necessary support and skills to be able to tackle various social, environmental, health, digital and economic challenges and to support open science. This will help us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and the European Green Deal, which is the blueprint for transformational change creating also new opportunities for research, innovation and investment as well as new jobs in Europe.

Therefore the next generation of researchers needs to be prepared for a future research environment that is different from that one of 20 years ago. Digitalisation is changing the way research is conducted and disseminated. An approach to the scientific process that focuses on spreading knowledge as soon as it is available using digital and collaborative technology. PhD holders play an important role, they will deal more and more with ethical dilemmas, they will need to assess the potential and risk of new technologies, and have to communicate appropriately with society.” ​Eva Hnatkova (NTK)

Our Speakers

National Library of Technology (NTK)
Technická 2710/6, 160 80 Praha 6, Czech Republic