Becoming and remaining professional is an ongoing process. It requires a thorough and critical understanding of the context, the ability to put knowledge into practice, to apply it and thus create added value for the environment.

Last but not least, it requires a strong willingness to learn and develop continuously and to keep abreast of relevant trends and new developments.

Your commitment to continuing development:

  • ensures that your capabilities keep pace with current standards and future trends.
  • ensures that you maintain and expand the knowledge and skills you need to provide professional services to your community.
  • helps you advance in your career and get into new positions where you can lead, manage, influence, coach and mentor others.
  • is interested in staying open to new and interesting things.
  • opens up new opportunities, new knowledge and new areas of expertise.
  • enables you to reflect on your role as a professional
  • increases your credibility as a professional and thus creates greater trust
  • strengthens your identity

The PRIDE Network is supporting professionals on this journey through special trainings, conferences, webinars and other exchange and learning formats.

Past Trainings

"For practicing professionals, professional development is an obligation for the entire career. Conferences, seminars or participation in workshops contribute to this. Often, however, professional development also takes place in informal contexts, such as discussions among work colleagues, independent reading and research or other peer learning. Therefore networking and exchange within the community is of central importance".
Lucas Zinner
Lucas Zinner​
University of Vienna