In this section, we give PRIDE members the opportunity to present projects in the context of the doctorate in which they are involved and which are relevant and interesting for professionals. Projects can be implemented at national, European or global level.

PaTHES Webinar: Revitalising doctoral education – beyond global trauma

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, doctoral education and the PhD have felt the repercussions of national and global instability – both politically, socially, and institutionally. With the economic recession and changes in job-markets around the world, academic employability is drying up, which makes future employability prospects for PhD holders even more unpredictable. Currently, PhD students experience having their data collection disrupted, becoming isolated and lonely when removed from their research environments and research teams, and doctoral supervision and peer support have to find new forms of expression and new communication formats digitally. However, we also witness new possibilities for re-imagining and re-defining doctoral study and the societal and cultural importance of research and the PhD. Further, we detect a renewed institutional focus on inter-connectivity and sustainable academic communities for newer researchers.

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UKCGE Webinar: Good practices in online research supervision

Join the good-practice sharing workshop to hear case-studies from Research England/Office for Students Catalyst Fund projects sharing their approaches to enhancing the initial and ongoing professional development of research supervisors to better support the mental wellbeing of postgraduate researchers.

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