Doctoral Education

In this section, we give PRIDE members the opportunity to present projects in the context of the doctorate in which they are involved and which are relevant and interesting for professionals. Projects can be implemented at national, European or global level.

Doctoral Education – 15 years of reform after Salzburg

Just over 15 years ago, the publication of the Salzburg Principles triggered a reform movement in doctoral education in almost all European universities. In this webinar, jointly organized with UNIMED, we want to address two dimensions in concrete terms: firstly, the professionalisation of structures such as the so-called doctoral schools, secondly, professionalisation of people, managers, supervisors and professionals.

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How do I get started? Policy and Research Papers

When I started to work at the Center for Doctoral Studies in 2010, I was new in the field of doctoral education. Thus, to get a broader understanding of the developments in doctoral education at the University of Vienna, my senior colleagues recommended me to read the 10 Salzburg Principles from 2005, which mark the beginning of new developments in doctoral education in many European countries.

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