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Follow-up Webinar: Research Careers, well-being and mental health

Due to high demand, we are doing a follow-up webinar to the December 2, 2020 PRIDE webinar  in which we explored the topic “Careers in academia: well-being and mental health of young researchers”. Both previous speakers are thankfully ready to join us again. The main goal of this webinar is to respond to the numerous questions raised during the first webinar and to engage in discussion with the PRIDE community.

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Negotiating the uncertainty of researcher careers

The Erasmus+ Researcher Identity Development project  is inviting to its invitation to the last dissemination event: Negotiating the uncertainty of researcher careers. The event is composed of a series of short sessions on different areas of researcher development and careers and will take place on Dec 10th and 11th.

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My DocPro

DocPro refers to a tool that was developed in cooperation between stakeholders in the academic world and the corporate world. It gives PhD candidates, companies and laboratories an overview of the skills that PhD candidates develop throughout their careers.

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