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PRIDE Working Group

On Postdocs

Alongside doctoral candidates, postdocs play a pivotal role for research at universities. Their capacity to work independently makes them indispensable for productivity in research. In contrast to the tailored services for PhDs, services for postdocs are rarely or non-existent. Postdoctoral researchers should receive optimal support to ensure they are thoroughly prepared for their future career paths within and beyond academia. Key-topics include creating awareness, transparently defining the postdoc phase, enhancing visibility of career options and empowering postdocs.

Join our new PRIDE Working Group on Postdocs to discuss best practices and exchange dos and don’ts with international professionals in the field. Together we can gain greater expertise in the field and drive change for current and future postdocs at our institutions.

How we collaborate:

  • We meet 4 times per year.
  • Online via Zoom
  • For 2 hours
  • The format: 2 presentations á 20 minutes followed by discussion.
  • We share presentations and discussion outcomes in our working group cloud drive
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