“Covid 19, PhDs and Declining Admissions”.

Alina Adriana Minea, professor for engineering and Director of the Doctoral Office at the Technical University of Iasi in Romania and describes the impact of the Covid-19 crisis, especially for the area of doctoral education. She is especially worried about the decline of enrolment numbers due to the Crisis. For Alina it was important to hear how other universities deal with this, so we decided to record a podcast on this topic to start a discussion.

If you want to contact Alina directly you can reach her here: aminea@tuiasi.ro

For discussing this issue with peers, either send us an email to: info.pride-network@univie.ac.at or post a comment via twitter. You can find us under @PRIDE_Network.

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The History Behind the Salzburg Principles – an interview with Melita Kovacevic

This episode reflects on the history behind the Salzburg Principles. When in February 2005 Rectors and Vice Rectors from all over Europe met up in Salzburg to discuss doctoral education important foundations for the next years were laid. This meeting brought about change in all of Europe. Melita Kovacevic was part of this game-changing event and shares her memories and insights with us.
About the speaker: Melita Kovacevic is Professor at the University of Zagreb, former Vice-Rector for Research and Chair of EUA CDE.
Link to the meeting and publication: https://www.eua.eu/resources/publications/626:salzburg-2005-%E2%80%93-conclusions-and-recommendations.html

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Starting a discussion about PhD Networking

Today we are talking to Lukáš Nachtigal from the Charles University in the Czech Republic. Lukas has a topic for which he wants to start a conversation. He approached us as he wanted to start a discussion about Doctoral Candidate Networking and how we can support. We have also invited Lisette Schmidt from the University of Vienna who will give a first suggestion to his question.

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The PRIDE Podcast – Introduction

Welcome to the PRIDE Podcast – the Podcast for Professionals working in the area of doctoral education. The PRIDE Network is an association which aims at representing the community of Professionals in Doctoral Education within Europe and beyond. By offering resources for the advancement of professionals in this are we ultimately aim at improving doctoral education. To reach this goal we have developed different formats to reach our members and all interested people. The podcast is our newest addition.

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