Meet the PRIDE Network Working Group on Onboarding Processes for the Doctorate

The working group describes onboarding as all activities and information provided in the initial period to allow the doctoral candidates to integrate into the research community and become familiar with the university. By the end of 2023, the working group will publish a handbook on onboarding for doctoral candidates with general suggestions and examples of best practices.

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PRIDE Podcast Episode 16

Meet the Hosts of the 5th Annual PRIDE Conference: FEUP

With origins dating back to the eighteenth century, the Faculty of Engineering (FEUP) is the largest faculty of U.PORTO. FEUP’s educational model is designed to prepare students for successful careers in engineering and beyond. Their PhD programs, candidates and researchers are supported by doctoral education initiatives such as: soft landing onboarding; 11 transferable skills courses (research, soft and entrepreneurship skills); the Doctoral Congress in Engineering ; career counseling; mental health; wellbeing services and; the Innovation and technology transfer services.
With 249 labs, 25 Units and 25 spin-off companies, FEUP is at the heart of Porto Innovation District and is the engine behind the success of the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, UPTEC. FEUP is also helping to turn the northern region of Portugal into a centre for innovation, demonstrating how active universities can lead the move to smart growth.
FEUP is our host for the fifth Annual PRIDE Conference in Porto, Portugal this May. In this Episode we talk about the conference topic, research integrity and what to expect of the conference overall.

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PRIDE Podcast Picture of Prof Rose Bernabe

RoSiE – Fostering Open Science in Europe

Research Ethics and Research Integrity are also an issue in Open Science and Citizen Science. As part of their training, these topics should be taught to Doctoral Candidates at the beginning of their career. ROSiE is a three-year project funded by HORIZON2020. ROSiE project’s mission is to develop and openly share novel practical tools that ensure research ethics and research integrity in open science and citizen science. Listen to this episode of the PRIDE Podcast and find out, which tools the Rosie project has to offer for you.

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Research Integrity – a toolbox for Professionals in Doctoral Education

Research Integrity is an important topic in #doctoraleducation. A thorough knowledge about how to conduct research according to research standards should be part of any doctoral training experience. But just providing trainings and knowledge on the topic usually is not enough to set up a healthy research practice. The SOPs4RI project ( has developed a toolbox to help research institutions cultivate research integrity.

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From the Doctoral Office Perspective: Societal Impact in Research

In this episode, we discuss what doctoral offices should know about impact. The illustrious guest list covers Spain north to south, with our expert Toñi Caro, a senior institutional capacity builder for the implementation of societal impact and stakeholder engagement strategies, and Núria Roca Terricabras, head of the Doctoral Office, and Elisenda Rosanas Serrabasa, project manager at the Doctoral Office at the UNIVERSITY OF VIC – CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF CATALONIA.

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Episode 12 AESIS

Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science

In this podacst we talk about the topic of impact; what should one know about this, why is it important and what does this mean for the area of doctoral education and professionals working in this area.

AESIS Network – The Network for Advancing and Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science:

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