Past Trainings

Becoming and remaining professional is an ongoing process. The PRIDE Network organizes targeted trainings for professionals. In addition to gaining new knowledge , these trainings offer ideal opportunities to reflect on your own work and to exchange ideas with your peers. Moreover, PRIDE members benefit from significant discounts. The training costs are tightly calculated and are not aimed at financial profit, but primarily designed as a service for the community.

Prague, May 2022


Luxembourg, March 2019

Prague, December 2021


Vienna, April 2018


Dubrovnik, September 2019

In September 2019 UNICA PhD Master Class was organized jointly with the PRIDE Network,  This year’s edition was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the PhD Master Class. It took again  take place at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies of the University of Zagreb in Dubrovnik.

This Master Class was revisiting Supervision, the very first topic which started it all back in 2009. Motivation lies in the fact that, although Supervision is still a core dimension, the context and the concerns have changed. Nowadays a kind of imbalance in the system is observed and could threaten the wellbeing of supervisors and candidates.

These are some of the questions the Master Class will address:

  1. What are the factors creating that imbalance?
  2. Why is wellbeing important?
  3. What can we do to ensure a good balance?

Having this questions in mind, the objectives are the following:

  1. Gain a wider understanding of wellbeing issues in Doctoral Education;
  2. Spot the main reasons for an imbalanced triangle;
  3. Identify levers to ensure or increase balance in your own institutional context.