"Effective Communication
in Doctoral Education "

The PRIDE Master Class is organised in cooperation with the University of Zagreb, CAAS, in Dubrovnik.


Doctoral education involves various stakeholders, including PhD candidates, supervisors, administrators in other departments, policymakers, funding bodies, and the leadership of the university. Communicating effectively with this diverse audience, each with its unique interests and needs, can be challenging.

In today’s digital age, information overload is a common problem. Cutting through the noise and ensuring our messages are heard and understood amidst a sea of information is a constant challenge. Moreover, communication channels and technologies are constantly evolving. Keeping up with these changes and selecting the most appropriate channels for our target audience is an additional challenge.

As professionals in Doctoral Education, we are both a hub of information and the first point of contact. This also means that we need to be well informed ourselves. Establishing our own expertise and leadership in the field requires consistent and credible communication. Gaining trust and recognition takes time and effort.

The 2024 Masterclass is an ideal opportunity to engage, reflect and exchange on these issues in an intensive and interactive learning environment.

Explore the key topics:

  • Connecting with Diverse Stakeholders: Learn strategies to effectively communicate with PhD candidates, supervisors, and others.
  • Build your expertise: Discover how to position yourself as an expert in doctoral education to achieve lasting impact, visibility and recognition in your professional field.


  • Engaging Workshops: Interactive sessions led by communications experts and experienced professionals.
  • Networking opportunities: Connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas and build and strengthen valuable relationships.
  • Practical tools: Gain practical communication tools and techniques you can use right away.

Target Group

Professionals in Doctoral Education from PRIDE and non-PRIDE institutions 

Vice-Rectors/Heads as well as 

Managers of Doctoral Schools/Programmes


HR Managers

Organizer Team 

Verity Elston

Melita Kovačević

Mathias Schroijen

Kenneth Wann

Lucas Zinner

Registration for the PRIDE Masterclass 2024

Applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Number of participants: minimum 20, maximum: 28.

The registration fee is all-inclusive and includes: accommodation (4 nights), breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, 2 dinners and participating in the social programme. The fee does not cover travel expenses to and from Dubrovnik.