Visibility and success of PRIDE depends on its members. The more we grow, the more visible we will be and the louder our voice becomes. In order to enable the broadest possible participation, we offer membership on two levels:

Registration for Regular Membership can be requested either by individuals or an organization as follows:

  • Organizational membership registration covers an unlimited number of employees of a particular organization. Members can be nominated annually by their organisation. All full members from one organisation have together up to four votes in the general assembly.
  • Individual membership aims at individuals or small organizations and refers to an ad personam membership. Individual members have one vote at the General Assembly.

Apply for Membership

Please insert below the name of your organization. In case you apply as a private person, you leave this blank.

Fees & Payment

The annual membership fee remains €500 for an organizational membership and  €150 for an individual membership. We offer a 50% fee reduction per year to institutions or individual applicants working in countries for which the MSCA country correction coefficient is 75% or lower.

Payment method

The payment of membership fees as well as payments for conferences or trainings can only be done with an invoice via bank transfer.