The PRIDE Network Association was established in 2017. The Association is duly registered in Austria and acts in virtue of the Austrian Law on Actions of Associations and the hereby Statute.  

The Association carries out economic activities, e.g. conferences, seminars, lectures, online events, publications, etc. All income from these activities is used to cover the costs related to the realization of the Mission of the Association.

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest authority of the Association. It is composed of all Regular Members of the Association as defined in the Statute.

The General Assembly has inter alia the right and the duty to:

  • approve the activity plan and budget of the Association for the coming year and adaptation for the current year, if proposed by the Executive Board;
  • approve the membership fee;
  • elect and dismiss the Executive Board and two Auditors for the period of two years by simple majority following the procedure given in the statute;
  • approve the Auditor’s report as well as the the administration of the Executive Board;
  • decide on the dissolution of the Association as well as on amendments to or modifications of the Statute.

PRIDE Executive Board

The PRIDE Executive Board runs the Association an a day to day basis. The Executive Board’s responsibilities cover inter alia the following:

  • managing the Association;
  • representing the Association on internationally and acting on its behalf ;
  • conducting the finances of the Association, including planning of and reporting about the budget of the Association;
  • convocation of a General Assembly;
  • planning of and communicating about the Association’s activities;
  • granting membership of the Association, as well as crossing a member off the membership list, drawing up a current list of members of the Association;
  • execution of resolution of the General Assembly;
  • determination of the amount of the membership fee and methods of its payment, exemption from obligation to pay the membership fee;
  • recruitment and termination of employees of the Association;
  • other powers entrusted by the General Assembly, which are in conformity with the Statute.