PRIDE Masterclass 2023 – Pathway to completion

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The PhD is a major investment, first and foremost for the candidate, but also for the supervisors and the institution. And in the end, we all hope for a happy outcome. Universities have good reason to be concerned if it takes too long to complete. Or worse, if candidates drop out at a late stage. However, completing a doctorate can be a significant challenge due to a number of factors. 

We may have heard this from a candidate: “If only I had just three more months – it could make a difference” – too late, time is running out.

In this year’s Master Class we will be looking at these factors, with a focus on the final stage of the doctoral journey and how this stage can be supported as candidates complete their writing, prepare for their defence and look to their next career move. Effective time management skills are crucial to staying organised and making progress. Maintaining self-motivation and discipline throughout the process can be challenging. Writing a dissertation, organising and synthesising research into a coherent and well-structured document is a significant undertaking. In addition, there is the uncertainty of what will be the next step after the doctorate. What can a future career look like?

How can this be supported early in the process to avoid the so-called ABD (all but dissertation) phenomenon? In addition, many doctoral candidates experience the imposter syndrome, feeling inadequate or doubting their abilities despite their achievements. The rigorous academic environment, and the pursuit of expertise in a particular field can sometimes exacerbate these feelings.

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Sep 03 - 06 2023


All Day


Dubrovnik, Croatia
Dubrovnik, Croatia


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