PRIDE Master Class 2021

“Effectiveness of Doctoral Schools.  Do they deliver key objectives in an efficient way?”

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The PRIDE Master Class is organised in cooperation with the University of Zagreb, CAAS, in Dubrovnik.

Target Group

Professionals in Doctoral Education from PRIDE and non-PRIDE institutions, Heads of Doctoral Schools/Programmes, Supervisors, Managers as well as Vice-Rectors

The topic

We have witnessed how the landscape of doctoral education worldwide, and especially in Europe, has changed dramatically over the last two decades. The number of doctoral students has risen, and with it the expectations of the doctorate as a driver in the national innovation system as well as in the research performance of individual institutions. It is also clear that doctoral graduates have a wide range of employment prospects open to them and that they should be prepared for these without compromising academic quality. The goal is set: Training doctoral students to be the next generation of creative, critical, autonomous and responsible intellectual risk-takers is more important than ever in times of epochal challenges and disturbing changes. (for example, see

In many countries, structured doctoral programmes have become the standard, and Doctoral Schools set the framework for them.  In the 2021 PRIDE Master class we want to explore several related questions. Our first step is to ask what we perceive the agreed purpose or objectives of any Doctoral School are. We shall then consider 1) whether these objectives are appropriately addressed and 2) whether achieving these objectives is accomplished efficiently?

Sometimes the doctoral school is also associated with the home, the place of belonging, where peer exchange is encouraged and socialisation as a researcher takes place and is a key feature of the culture. The pandemic crisis therefore poses an additional challenge, and raises the question as to whether Doctoral Schools have fulfilled their role effectively and efficiently in this very restrictive climate.

The Master Class will address the following questions:

  • Considering the varied expectations of the different stakeholders in respect of doctoral education: What does effectiveness mean?
  • What indicates to us that doctoral schools actually contribute to effectiveness? To what extent are they aligned with the goals of diverse contexts?
  • How do we measure efficiency and utilise different (quantitative and qualitative) efficiency indicators?
  • How do we increase efficiency in the context of doctoral education, and who or what are the drivers?

Having these questions in mind, the objectives are the following:

  • Identifying the main objectives or expectations for Doctoral Schools
  • Identifying the main indicators of effectiveness (performance indicators)
  • Identifying efficiency criteria in the context of doctoral education (in relation to specific contexts and positions / roles of the participants)
  • Reflecting and choosing the “right and appropriate” data for the specific Institution
  • Developing an overview and understanding of the diverse nature of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Discussing how to improve doctoral education bearing in mind the intended, or expected result

Online Application

Applications will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Number of participants: minimum 20, maximum:25.

Participation fee: €500 (PRIDE members), €620 (non- PRIDE members).

Participation fee includes: accommodation (4 nights), breakfasts, lunches, coffee breaks, 2 dinners and the participation in the social programme.

The fee does not cover travel expenses to and from Dubrovnik.
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Aug 29 2021 - Sep 01 2021


All Day

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