Negotiating the uncertainty of researcher careers

The Erasmus+ Researcher Identity Development project  is inviting to its invitation to the last dissemination event: Negotiating the uncertainty of researcher careers.

The event is composed of a series of short sessions on different areas of researcher development and careers and will take place on Dec 10th and 11th. Each day features different sessions led by researchers and experts in the field of researcher development and will draw on research findings to offer insights and resources for managing research careers. Below you will find an overview of the schedule and the sessions. For a detailed description of the events, visit

The following topics are addressed:

  • How does early career researchers’ well-being matter and how to enhance it? By Kirsi Pyhältö (U. of Helsinki, Finland).
  • Supporting research ethics and integrity development in HE institutions. By Anu Tammeleht (U. Tallinn, Estonia) & Erika Löfström (U. Helsinki, Finland).
  • Early career researchers’ careers: sustaining research careers and employability. By Mathew Tata, representative of the European Council for Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers – EURODOC.
  • Gender & Science: Promoting women’s participation in the scientific community. By Núria Catalán CNRS-UMR, France; USGS, USA), Ada Pastor (Aarhus U., Denmark) and Sílvia Poblador (U. of Antwerp, Belgium), representatives of the Gender & Science AIL.
  • Managing your PhD to build your career. By Lynn McAlpine (Oxford U., UK & McGill U, Canada).  
  • Transversal skills for doctoral candidates: universal for all professional paths?. Joan Josep Carvajal (Group for the Professionalization of the Doctorate, Postgraduate and Doctoral School – Universitat Rovira i Virgili).  
  • Getting along with my supervisor: Building a satisfactory relationship. By Gabriela González-Ocampo (UPAEP U., Mexico).
  • Access to the labor market for Doctors (PhD survey 2020). By Anna Prades i Nebot (AQU Catalunya, Spain).
  • Publish or perish. By Alexander Hasgall (European University Association Council for Doctoral Education).
  • Precarious careers: postdoctoral researchers in the Netherlands. By Inge van der Weijden (Leiden U, The Netherlands). 
  • PhD Holders in Non-Academic Careers. By Kelsey Inouye (Oxford & Lancaster U., UK).

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Dec 10 - 11 2020


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