KRECon 2023: The Future of Research(er) Assessment

What is the role of assessment of research and researchers? What is wrong with current systems and practices? Do we need a change? How can we improve it?

Research evaluation plays an important role in shaping research culture, funding decisions, and career advancement. Current methods of research and researchers evaluation are often subject to considerable scrutiny due to their limitations and potential biases. In particular, the number of publications in high-impact factor journals and the number of citations are still used as proxies for assessing the quality, performance, and impact of research and researchers. These inappropriate methods and narrow criteria for evaluation form the basis for recognition, rewards, and incentives systems, which influences the behaviours and activities of the research community. As we navigate the rapidly evolving research environment, it is crucial to explore innovative approaches that can better capture the true value and impact of research and support the development of a robust and inclusive research ecosystem.

The event is finished.


Nov 09 - 10 2023


All Day
National Library of Technology (NTK)


National Library of Technology (NTK)
Technická 2710/6, 160 80 Praha 6, Czech Republic


National Library of Technology

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