by Colette Schrodi, Project communication manager


DocEnhance supports Higher Education Institutions’ efforts to enhance early-stage researchers’ skills intelligence by developing transferable skills courses and integrating them into PhD programmes.

The project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Commission, aims to improve PhD graduates’ integration in the non-academic sector by bridging the skills gap between research employment in academia and beyond.

Over three years (2020 – 2022) DocEnhance will be developing and integrating transferable skills training into existing European PhD programmes in Europe by:

  • tracking PhD graduate career paths
  • developing an employment and innovation-oriented curriculum for PhD programmes,
  • facilitating business-education partnerships and increasing interaction with the non-academic sector.

Project outputs

The major outputs of the project are a recommended transferable skills curriculum for PhD programmes – a new course concept and material on data stewardship, career management, entrepreneurship and supervision – and an open access career-tracking survey.

These outputs will be provided as Open Educational Resources through an online platform, the “DocEnhance Platform”. It will function as:

  • a comprehensive, user-friendly and equal access point for transferable skills intelligence and training in research education
  • a community and networking site with non-academic partners. It is designed to live beyond the project lifetime.

Specific objectives

To build the DocEnhance network and online platform, develop and integrate transferable skills training into PhD education in Europe, and increase interaction with and exposure to the non-academic sector, DocEnhance will be following specific objectives:

  • Build a sustainable network of academic and non-academic actors
    • Our co-creation approach will actively involve actors in all parts of the project, increase knowledge transfer and cooperation

  • Address future skills needs of researchers through
    • a career-oriented curriculum in co-creation with stakeholders
    • a good practice recommendation for integrating the curriculum into existing PhD programmes

  • Improve the assessment of PhD graduate career paths and alumni networking with
    • a PhD graduate career-tracking survey
    • a good practice recommendation for implementing the survey

  • Ensure the transferable skills courses’ visibility and development by
    • Developing a good practice recommendation for the courses’ accreditation, documentation and evaluation

  • Increase mobility, interdisciplinarity and exposure to the non-academic sector in PhD candidate training by
    • Developing novel courses
    • Implementing pilot courses among partner universities and their non-academic networks
    • Developing a good practice recommendation for involving the non-academic sector in PhD education

  • Establish a dynamic, adaptable and sustainable online platform, the DocEnhance Platform,
    • for building and maintaining the network and community,
    • for sharing of the developed DocEnhance OERs

  • Ensure active use of the developed resources beyond the project lifetime
    • By providing capacity building, dissemination and exploitation of outcomes for stakeholders outside the consortium

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