5th Annual PRIDE Conference 2023 at the University of Porto

4 & 5 May 2023 – The 5th Annual PRIDE Conference is held at the University of Porto, Portugal

Research Conduct and Integrity - the Challenges for the Doctoral Journey


A researcher working in the creative space of science walks a tightrope. They have constantly to set high (often hardly attainable) targets, step out of their comfort zone and break the boundaries of conventional wisdoms whilst operating in an environment governed by codes and regulations that will not tolerate mistakes or misconduct.

The world of academic research can favour the competitive spirit, often discouraging the collaborative project or the failed hypothesis. It is an environment that increasing numbers of junior and senior researchers see as unhealthy and unwelcome, as recent articles in Nature have underscored. The notions of sacrifice and a scramble to the top are losing the acceptance they once enjoyed. Well-meaning programmes to build skills and retain early career researchers, especially women, do little to fix an underlying system that their target audience reject.

At the same time, the guidelines and requirements for good research, enacted in all good intention to support and promote researchers, can be understood by them as yet another layer of constraint, of administrative obstacle and intervention. For administrators, this response can appear as walls of resistance or disinterest, and their reaction can be to multiply policies and regulations. In the end, all those involved become wrapped in a cycle of misinterpretation and mistrust.

How can we, as PRIDE, understand what’s going on for researchers in the world of academic research today? How do we support supervisors, doctoral candidates, postdocs walk that tightrope? How can we make the carrot more appetising, instead of lengthening the stick?


Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias,
4200-465 Porto

Thursday 4/5/2023 –  Research Culture – Research Integrity

09:30 Welcome Note
Jaime Cardoso, Vice-Dean for Research and Doctoral Affairs, University of Porto-FEUP

9:45 Research Culture
Chair: Lucas Zinner
‘The bad, the ugly and the good’ – is the system broken and what can we do?
Speaker: Lucas Zinner, Tanita Casci, Alexandra Bitusikova

12:00 Introduction: Taking ownership in research culture and research integrity
Chair: Verity Elston

12:30 Interactive Business Lunch

14:00 Speakers Corner

14:30 Session 1 Supervision – Mentoring – Wellbeing. A question of leadership?
Chair: Melita Kovacevic
Speaker: Maresi Nerad, Nicola Dengo, Ronny Bruffaerts

16:30 Grab a coffee and come back

16:45 General Assembly

Evening: Social Dinner


Friday 5/5/2023 – Research Assessment – Research Integrity

09:00 Keynote: Reflections on Research Integrity and Conduct – now and then 
Chair: Kenneth Wann
Speaker: Kenneth Wann, Vitor Vasconcelos

10:00 Research policy change: Will there be a new way of performing research assessment? 
Speaker: Melita Kovacevic

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Session 2 Concepts / State of the Art: Publication & Communication
Chair: Mathias Schroijen
Speakers: Enrico Bucci,  Alexandra Freeman, Haingo Manohisoa

12:30 Interactive Business Lunch – “Café Culture”
Speaker: Faith Uwadiae

14:30 Session 3 Towards a new PRACTICE: Research Assessment – Research Integrity -Research Culture
Chair: Liz Halton
Speakers: Liz Simmonds, James Morris

15:30 Closing / Summary / Vision: A healthy research culture

16:00 Farewell drinks

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Our Speakers

Host and Venue

João Pedro Pêgo & Ana Freitas
FEUP – University of Porto

FEUP is well invested in supporting the doctoral process of our PhD students, as well as in promoting a smooth transition to their career paths. They are the future industry and higher institutions leaders and so, most valued persons. It was a natural step for the Teaching and Learning Lab of FEUP to join the PRIDE network, where we can meet with other professionals in doctoral education and learn from each other. The workshop and conferences organized by PRIDE excel in every aspect. We are very happy to have joined PRIDE and look forward to meeting you soon.