4th Annual PRIDE Conference at Charles University Prague

5 & 6 May 2022 – The 4th Annual PRIDE Conference was held at Charles University in Prague

Societal Impact in Doctoral Education: How do we support, realise and measure?


It is well recognized that there has been an evolving cultural change in doctoral education in the last two decades. The development of the young researcher to an independent academic, well prepared to tackle grand societal problems, in comparison to one where the production of the thesis alone was the norm, is more and more the focus. However, this is not the only area where we are witnessing a cultural change in research. The societal impact of all fields of research has become more and more an important consideration which critically cannot be ignored. Research impact matters to individual researchers, to Government policy makers, to charitable funders and to Universities. These cultural changes open up new possibilities, but they also generate insecurities, at the level of researchers and management. For many professionals in doctoral education, this is a comparatively new agenda, that they are either embracing somehow now, or identifying the need to address in the foreseeable future. The PRIDE Conference will look at what Impact is, and how professionals can enable Impact by providing a forum for interactive discussion with exchange of ideas and practical input. 

Our Speakers

Thursday 5/5/2022 –  Societal Impact of Research

09:30 Welcome Reception
10:00 What is impact and why are we talking about it?
Speaker: Lucas Zinner

10:15 Keynote
Limits of responsibility? New trends in the research-society-nexus and the implications for doctoral education and the PhD
Speaker: Søren Bengtsen

11:00 Panel 1 Tools to realise impact (Moderation: Melita Kovacevic)

How to communicate research to broaden impact and audiences
Speaker: Charlie Rapple

“Impact Thinking – using the SDGs for a sustainable future”
Speaker: Sigrid Koloo

12:30 Business Lunch

14:00 Panel 2 Our role in realising impact (identifying relevant stakeholders) (Moderation: Verity Elston)

Ways to make Open Science approachable for ECRs
Speakers Sarah Gemicioglu

“Doctoral impact statements: supporting researchers to reflect on potential stakeholders and career paths”
Speaker: Elizabeth Halton 

15:30 Coffee Break

16:00 How to develop an impact strategy (interactive session) (Moderation: Madeleine Harbich, Chiara Lauritano, Kenneth Wann)
16:45 End of Interactive Session

18:00 Gala Dinner  

 Friday 6/5/2022 – Practical Examples for Societal Impact of Research

09:00 Welcome Reception
09:30 Opening words Speaker: Lucas Zinner

10:00 Voices from the community

11:20 Coffee Break

11:30 Working groups discussing practical examples and ideas (Moderation: Kenneth Wann, Lucas Zinner)

12:15 Business Lunch

13:15 Panel 3 –How they realised impact (practical examples) (Moderation: Mathias Schroijen)

 „Innovation Matters: Advancement of young researchers via networks, methods and transfer activities with focus on societal challenges.”
Speaker: Angelika Zelisko

“Practical perspective for impactful training of transferable skills related to open science and innovation”
Speaker: Eva Garcia 

14:15 Farewell drinks