3. PRIDE Webinar

3. PRIDE Webinar

Jane Creaton from the University of Portsmouth will talk about "Well-being of PhDs and Professionals in Doctoral Education".

Date and time: 29 November 11:00 CET!

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The well-being of PhDs is currently a major topic in doctoral education. The issue is normally dealt with as a question for the professionals who support those PhDs: what can universities do to create a supportive environment for doctoral candidates?
With this year's PRIDE webinar we want to broaden the focus on this question to discuss it from three different perspectives:
Professionals in doctoral education regularly find themselves in individual counselling situations with PhDs who are currently in difficult life situations (e.g. problems with supervisor, psychological stress due to high competitive pressure in the research group, problems with visa extension, etc.). Given that many of those professionals do not have a formal background in psychology or psychotherapy, how can they competently advise and respond in these situations?
At the same time, these difficult counselling situations are also a burden for the professionals themselves. How can they best deal with them? What concepts and tools can they put in place in order to support themselves?
Finally, to what extent can universities act as a preventative factor? What framework conditions can universities implement to improve the well-being of early-stage researchers? What are some of the best practices that institutions have put into place in these situations?





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