Dear PRIDE colleagues,

as we are having several enquiries each day about the status of our PRIDE events in Prague and we have had a first cancellation of a keynote speaker the board and the hosting institution evaluated the situation internally and came to the following conclusion:

The PRIDE Network is very sad to announce that we have to cancel our annual PRIDE Training (24 and 25 March) and the Annual PRIDE Conference (26 and 27 March) in Prague. Cases of infections with the SARS-CoV-2 (corona) virus have been confirmed in large parts of the world and are still increasing in Europe. Many universities recommend that employees take first measures to prevent the spread of the virus (e.g. restricted travelling). We also want to take into account, that many people are not feeling safe and well to travel cross border right now, which is of course understandable and should be respected. It was not an easy decision for us, but in the current situation we think is the right decision to postpone our events.
But we want to state, that we consider this year’s topic extremely important and interesting, and are planning to re-organize the conference and training for autumn 2020. We are already talking with the Charles University and will keep you updated as soon as we have fixed new dates





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