University Development and Innovation – Africa (UDI-A) project launched!

University Development and Innovation – Africa (UDI-A) project launched!

The project main objective is to support the African partners, to play key role in the inclusive development of their regions and countries. In order to achieve this, UDI-A:

  • supports the African universities to work in pairs with the European institutions for the implementation of trainings for academic and non-academic actors, with emphasis on management and scientific development, social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • supports the African partners to build or renew at their institutions a 'Centre for Academic Development and Innovation' (CADIs), in order to connect with the local economic activities through the organization of management and entrepreneurship trainings
  • facilitates the development and implementation of entrepreneurship projects for local impact, with the participation of academic and non-academic actors

More information can be found in the Texts & Tools section!




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