Wonderful 8th Master Class!

Wonderful 8th Master Class!

The eight master class took place in the CAAS building in Dubrovnik, an educational center and former convent with the atmosphere of intellectual search and togetherness. The location thus was perfect for such an event. The theme of the class was values and professional attitudes in PhD training, and for four days we reflected and discussed how to integrate them to doctoral education, to knowledge and skills. I got a clear vision on what research integrity means, namely “the awareness and application of professional norms and ethical principles in the performance of all activities related to scientific research” (words of Valéria Csépe). I left for home with significantly better understanding on how values affect behavior and activities, and how they often are in tension. Furthermore, thanks to Lazare Benaroyo I now understand better how conflicts can be solved. One of the very useful exercises was a training called “intervision”, a piece of hard work and collaboration in order to solve a problem in a case study. This happened after a refreshing swim in the Adriatic Sea and lunch at the isle of Lokrum, just in front of the old town of Dubrovnik. Among the great rewards of the master class experience was the possibility to discuss with other participants from speakers and organizers to colleagues around Europe and even outside of it. Thank you to all master class participants!




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