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For all basic information regarding the structure, organization and responsibilities of the governmental bodies, please look at the Association's statute.

General Information/Administrative Tasks

No. Membership is available to every individual regardless of an institutional background.

Yes. Everyone can become an individual member or be a part of an organizational members group. We want to be an open community for every interested person and link to all related fields.

To become an organizational member you need at least to register three people. You can cover up to eight people of the staff from one particular organization.

We offer discount fees for members from individual countries by applying the Marie Skłodowska - Curie Actions country correction coefficient as shown here: if the coefficient of the country is below 60%, we offer a 50% discount, if the coefficient is between 60% and 90%, we offer a 25% discount, otherwise no discount is applied.

No. The reduction only applies for our membership.

We can only accept bank transfers. After receiving the invoice, please follow the given instructions using the following bank account details: Account holder: PRIDE Association IBAN: … BIC: …

The Organizational membership fee is 500 EUR/year. The Individual membership fee is 150 EUR/year.

No. Due to the new establishment of the association we agreed on a one-time extended membership term, which will officially end on 31 December 2018. From 2019 on the membership is based on a calendar year system whereby the term begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December.

Yes. The fee shall be paid by 31 March of each year (except 2017/18). Members, who do not pay the membership fee after two reminders, will be removed from the membership list.

No. Replacement nominations are not permitted.

You can ask to be added to the Start-up team or host working groups at any time. If there is a need for people to take over certain responsibilities, we will forward this to the community and are happy about any contribution.

Website activities

Yes. As one main focus of the association is to create a network and foster a community of professionals in doctoral education, we ask everyone to at least give some basic personal and professional information. All information is treated carefully and the PRIDE association does not sell, rent or lease its customer lists to third parties. For more information please read the Privacy Statement.

No. The plan is to expand the community and invite people to get to know each other. This possibility to share experiences will be open to every interested person. However, please note, that without a membership not all sections of the PRIDE network website will be available.

Yes. As we want all members to be able to get in contact with each other we display the provided mail address in the registration process. Through the profile function on the website, everybody is also able to send messages to other members via the system.

It is one aim to collect as many events as possible suiting and interesting for our peers group. Therefore we take the liberty to do a first screening of all proposed events and then add them further to the calendar on the website.

Association activities

Every member hast the opportunity to join an existing working group. All ongoing groups will be displayed on the website to follow its progress and status quo. We ask the members to directly get in contact and discuss about any possible contribution. To open a new working group we ask to get in contact with a member of the start-up team and discuss the possibility of starting a new section.

We ask every member to contribute steadily and actively to our collection of resources, literature, experiences etc. Please get in contact with the team member coordinating this function.

Yes, there will be organized at least one to two trainings each year and the annual conference. We hope, that with more gained experience we will be able to host even more different kind of events.

No. One aim is to create and advance the community of professionals working in doctoral education in every way possible. Promoting training resources and opportunities is a major aim of the network. Therefore, we want to display as many interesting events in the PRIDE associations calendar as possible. For more information how to post an event in the calendar, please see the section above.

No. In the beginning, we will not host such a section on the website. The plan is to have all members adding requests or even offerings for open positions in the Blog section. If we see an advancing demand, we will be thinking of creating such a platform. For more information, you can always contact the team members.

Please, register for our LinkedIn group and subscribe for the newsletter.

We believe in knowledge-sharing as a competitive advantage and try to achieve this with interactive webinars organised by professionals, for professionals. Our second webinar aimed at professionals who want to set up, improve or reflect on their training offers in transferable skills.

Watch the webinar with Verity Eston and Christian Dumpidak an Transferable Skills Training recorded in November 2018!