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Webinar on 15 November 2018, 2 pm (CET) on Transferable Skills Training

Implementing and assessing transferable skills trainings

On 15 November 2018 at 2 pm (CET) the second webinar of the PRIDE association took place.

This year’s webinar explores the implementation and assessment of transferable skills trainings. We have invited two experts to share their experiences with us: Verity Elston leads the career counselling service for PhDs and postdocs at the University of Lausanne Graduate Campus. Christian Dumpitak is Managing Director of the Interdisciplinary Graduate and Research Academy Düsseldorf.

The landscape of doctoral education has changed significantly over the last decade. Enhancing the quality of doctoral education and of the doctoral experience was a common goal of universities all over Europe. One result was the wide establishment of transferable skills programme for PhD candidates. Until today, many universities are in the progress of setting up such programmes. The webinar will deal with the very practical issues of setting up a transferable skills programme – from the strategical planning to concrete organizational questions, like how and where to find trainers or which tools can be used to evaluate workshops. Further, the evaluation of the impact of transferable skills trainings on the progress of doctoral candidates remains an issue that our experts will address in the webinar.

After a short input of the two experts, there will be around 20 minutes for your questions. You can already start posting your questions in our discussion forum.

Our Speakers

Verity Elston leads the career counselling service for PhDs and postdocs at the University of Lausanne Graduate Campus. In her dual role as director of Portfolio Formation, she trains, advises and coaches with junior and senior researchers across Switzerland and internationally. Previously director of the Transversal Programme in Transferable Skills at the Conference of Western Swiss Universities (CUSO), Verity began her career in doctoral education as Deputy to the Dean of the EPFL Doctoral School. Verity has broad professional experience in the private and public sectors in several countries, including in middle- and high-level recruitment. She holds a doctorate in Sociocultural Anthropology from the University of Chicago as well as certificates in adult education and integral coaching. She conducts ongoing qualitative and quantitative research and analysis on the career paths of doctorate holders in Switzerland and in Europe.

Christian Dumpitak is managing director of iGRAD, a graduate academy comprising all departments of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf (HHU). In this position he established iGRAD’s qualification program as well as career and conflict counselling services for early stage researchers. On a national level he contributes to the German University Association of Advanced Graduate Training (UniWiND/GUAT) as member of UniWiND/GUAT’s advisory council as well as coordinator of different working groups, including the group “Trainers and Standards”. The outcomes on best practices in organisation and evaluation of qualification programs for early stage researchers were recently published in UniWiND publication volume 8. Christian studied biology and received his doctoral degree in the field of physical biology. As certified trainer and counsellor for professional teaching at university level he facilitates a variety of seminars and contributes to teaching staff- and early stage researcher-development for different institutions on national and international level since many years.


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